In-Stadium Signage


Advertising your business on the Miners Jumbotron is a sure-fire way of getting

noticed! The highest visibility area in the ball park, your business will receive

massive exposure. With an average of 1000 fans per home game and 30+ home

games per season you can be sure to maximize your business’ brand within and

beyond the community.

Concourse Signage

(4ft x 8ft)

Concourse signs are placed in high foot traffic areas away from the playing field

such as our concession facilities, the souvenir stand, and along the entry / exit

sidewalks leading to the main gate.

Outfield Fence Signage

(8ft x 12ft)

Linda K. Epling Stadium full color outfield wall signs are viewed by our audience

year round! The 8’ x 12’ sign remains up during all games (collegiate, middle and

high school) as well as all outside events, leaving a lasting impression for all fans.

In addition, all Miner home games are broadcasted via the internet producing

impressions from all over the United States.

Box Seat Railing Signage

(1ft x 6ft)

Box seat railing signs are a great and cost-effective way to get your business in

front of the fans. Our full color railing signs will be sure to catch the eye of every

fan coming in and out of Linda K. Epling Stadium.

Program Print Ads

(5.25 x 8.25 full page)

(5.25 x 4.00 half page)

Our Miners’ game day program will be available to every fan in the stadium

throughout the duration of the season. All ads are full process color and will pop to

be sure that the reader can’t miss it!

marketing@wvminersbaseball.com. For more information, contact a

***To inquire about partnership packages email:

Miners Sales Associate at 304-252- SAFE (7233).***