Sterry improving with the WV Miners

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Beckley, WV

By A.J. Good, WVVA Sports Director

Coming into the 2015 season Zach Sterry didn’t know what to expect. but, he was able to adjust on the fly, and midway through the year he was named a all-star. “It was pretty good. Wasn’t sure with the way I started because I started off pretty slow and I changed some little things and it got me back on track. It was great to go to Richmond and have a good time there.”

Sterry is batting .325 with 31 RBIs, good enough for 3rd in the league, and he says its his vision that has mattered the most. “I was seeing it better than what I was in the spring. I get great coaching from Coach Keaton and Flores, I mean all the coaches are great but just helping with my approach and seeing the ball a lot better has been nice.”

Zach has improved his game while in Beckley, and he thinks it will prepare him well heading into his junior season at Oakland University. “Just the things we’ve worked on like going the other way. That’s a problem I had in school and here they have helped me work on it and I’ve been able to go the other way a whole lot better. So I think that is going to help me improve. The pitching you see, this is a good league with good pitching. I think going back to school is going to be nice that I have seen this competition and I’ll be ready.”

This summer has shown that Sterry has a chance at the next level, and getting used to the grind of the game has helped his confidence. “A lot of travel and a lot of games in a row. Its a grind but its good. I do want to play in the pros so this is a stepping stone going into my college season with how many games we play because we will be up in the hundreds after the season is over.”

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